17 2016-01

1400 square meters of Carbonized strand woven bamboo flooring from Romania

On August 11th , we received an inquiry from Mr. Tilcob that interested by 1400sqm of strand woven bamboo flooring with 14mm thickness and mahogany decor, and aksed If we have in our offer such a and send FOB price and more details about technical specifications, packing, loading, HS code and some pictures. Our sales manager answered every questions his asked and sent our price list to him.Then at last he chose 960x132x14mm of strand woven bamboo flooring with Carbonized Color CIick instead of T&G.  
Mr. Tilcob told us that he got 17.6usd/sqm for strand woven bamboo, with click, 14mm thickness, carbonized, with smooth surface.Our sales manager explained for him that we are manufacturer, so our price is more competitive. and we also know well about the manufature process and produce cost of strand woven bamboo flooring. It's impossible for price with 17.6usd for carbonized strand woven bamboo flooring(click),Meanwhile,the reason why he can buy the strand woven bamboo flooring with the price 17.6usd, it's because that strand flooring is used and refurbished. if he doubt that,he can go to their factory to look into. at the same time, because our other customer also told me that he can buy strand woven bamboo flooring with 16usd, i told him that strand bamboo flooring is used and refurbished. if he doubt that,he can go to their factory to look into the factor. and that is the case finally . their size is smaller than ours. That customer donot choose the cheap price and cooperate with our company. Finally, we sent samples as Mr. Tilcob’s request and 1400 square meters of carbonized  strand woven bamboo flooring is on the way to Romania .
ZNSJ strand woven bamboo flooring  is also called high density bamboo flooring, which is further perfect, more fine in workmanship ,more fastidious in process than other general bamboo flooring. We choose the qualified bamboo with more than 5year's ages grown in the zone with more than 2000m above sea level as materials, and then our strand woven bamboo flooring is not only with high density and high grade ,but also with good price and high quality. 
If you are interested in ZNSJ strand woven bamboo flooring or have other questions , welcome to call +86 7386872220 or send email to, and we will wholeheartedly service for you 24 hours.
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