17 2016-01

Not just photos show but also the depth communication between ZNSJ and International friends

   October is a harvest season, maybe you harvest is a valuable asset, perhaps you harvest is happy love.......but the harvest of ZNSJ is that can face to face depth communicate and reach a consensus on long-term cooperation for customized bamboo plywood with our international friends.
  On October, Hunan Zhongnan Shenjian Bamboo veneer Co.,Ltd have one after another welcomed batches of international friends who had traveled thousands of miles to visit our company tirelessly.Foreign friends enthusiasticly visited our company's office building and workshop accompanied by our chairman--Deng Yujian,general manager
--Zeng Rong and Foreign Trade Department colleagues,learned more about the technological process of bamboo plywood and customized bamboo plywood in details,and highly praised of our company's work environment and corporate culture.The both parties friendly and fervidly conversate with each other, so the entire atmosphere is active and harmonious, and foreign friends praise thumbs up from time to time.
Foreign colleagues introduce company brochures to foreign friends

Chairman--Deng Yujian friendly exchanges with the international friends


Chairman--Deng Yujian friendly exchanges with the international friends coming from Texas, California, Mexico
Group photos
Chairman--Deng Yujian and sales manager--Ms Xie friendly talks with foreign customers in office
General manager --Zeng Rong and foreign colleagues accompany friends from
Tanzania to visit our factory about bamboo plywood for bridge construction
Communicate with each other friendly
Sales manager--Ms Xie friendly exchanges with international friends
Foreign friend Test Bamboo Plywood
General manager --Zeng Rong accompany Russian client to visit site of raw materials of bamboo plywood
Afternoon tea
Group Photo
    Our international friends from Texas, California, Mexico, Tanzania, Russia ect highly praise for the quality of our products and enthusiastic service and have a greater interest in our product and hope establish long-term cooperation with our company in the full understanding of scale and strength of ZNSJ ,R & D capabilities and detailed product introduction.
With the increasing pace of global economic integration,ZNSJ are already fully prepared to integrate into the international environment , seize opportunities and open up foreign markets that will bring considerable economic benefits for the company.. We always adhere to high-quality products, satisfactory service and reasonable prices as the goal and earnestly carry out all aspects of product production, sales ,service and so on.
  If you are interested in ZNSJ customized bamboo plywood or have other questions , welcome to call +86 7386872220 or send email to,and we will wholeheartedly service for you 24 hours.
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