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Bamboo plywood for vehicle cleaning subplate--- new innovation for ZNSJ

No innovation to death. This is one of classic discourses from famous American entrepreneurs ---Iacocca.Whether individuals or companies, it will one day be eliminated if no innovation and, no growth. Bamboo plywoodfactory ---ZNSJ always persists in learning how to improve the quality of bamboo plywood, how to manage, how to promote and so on for 12years,during this period, sum up experience and constantly create bridge special bamboo plywood with all thin curtains, bamboo plywood with speical specifications, specail bamboo plywood and so on. There is a new innovation for ZNSJ that creat bamboo plywood for vehicle cleaning subplate. 
In the early of July, Mr Song from Shenzhen Yunshun washing Services Co., Ltd contacted ZNSJ again and told that they had ordered a batch of 15mm bamboo plywood last year,and wanted to play another order agian because of the company expanded facade at the same time the quality should keep in touch with the last time.Thereby, our sales manager introduced the development of our manufacturing process and comfirmed the quality requirement and prices, at last we signed a contract of 800 pieces of 1220*2440*14mmbamboo plywood for vehicle cleaning subplate.
Bamboo plywood for vehicle cleaning subplate is in need of high strength , good toughness and bearing large pressure,secondly good waterproof performance. ZNSJ bamboo plywood for vehicle cleaning subplate uses bamboo as material and less than or equal to 1mm of bamboo curtains and bamboo mats and improve 3 baume degree than usually when soak in the glue, meanwhile,high temperature can make glue curing and hot pressure can connect bamboo curtains more closely. It will keep temperature and preesure with air when temperature is up to 150℃ and then improve hot pressure to improve the bonding strend of bamboo plywood.
If you are interested in ZNSJ bamboo plywood or have other questions , welcome to call +86 7386872220 or send email to,and we will wholeheartedly service for you 24 hours.
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