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Bamboo pallets, wood pallets, PVC pallet which is more suitable for block brick machine?

Bamboo pallet is a common product in bamboo plywood,mainly for the function of holding up bricks in the manufacturing process of hollow brick,strandard brick,color brick, baking-free brick/block ,and paving brick. Most of our customers often tangle which is more better ---bamboo pallet, wood pallet or PVC pallet, because this three kinds of pallet for brick is more common in current market.There are several opinions for reference according to many customers’ return surveys and observations : Faceback from customers who used wood pallets that wood pallet is easier to crack under strong earthquake of brick molding machine and have high water absorption. However,PVC pallet is with high density, the weight of PVC pallet is more than twice than bamboo pallet under the conditions of the same size and same thickness which grealy increase labor intensity, and the surface is too glossy then the pallet easily slide together along with brick when forklift is in the handling process under uneven ground. Meanwhile, PVC pallet is easy to aging and crisp.But our bamboo pallet customer told us that all of above problems can be avoid, and the price is between wood pallet and PVC pallet.Relatively speaking,it is the most suitable. 

ZNSJ bamboo pallet is formed by using domestic leading technology , its using life is up to more than 6years , and free replace during the warranty period .

If you are interested in Zhongnan Shenjian high strength bamboo pallet or have other questions , welcome to call +86 7386872220 or send email to znsj@znsjplywood.com,and we will wholeheartedly service for you 24 hours.
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