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High Strength Bamboo Plywood----Why ZNSJ Bamboo Plywood Are Sold So Well?

Why ZNSJ  high strength bamboo plywood are sold so well?? Why our customer choose ZNSJ high strength bamboo plywood simultaneously?? What are the advantages?? Please allow me to analyze it in detail for you! ZNSJ as a factory of 12 years manufacturing experience on high strength bamboo plywood proves throughout to our customers with product what is quality??

                                                                                                                                             High Strength Bamboo Plywood Test
ZNSJ high strength bamboo plywood
1,adopting the structure of bamboo mat+ all thin bamboo curtians, not mixed with wood chips and other impurities,thereby guarantee the consistency of plywood water absorption and expansion and ensure unique bonding strength and toughness of bamboo plywood ;
2,never adulteration from paper glue to special phenolic glue research-developed by Scientific Advisory Team of Central South Forestry and Technology University then can ensure the unique waterproof performance of bamboo plywood;
3,using the new steam radiating drying equipment according to the method of “firstly drying then soaking ”to produce,therefore guarantee the gluing rate of raw materials and ensure more durable than other factories.
                                                                                                         High strength bamboo plywood departure figure
High strength bamboo plywood have the characteristics of smooth surface,high strength, good toughness, good water-resistance,small thermal conductivity,turnover up to 15-20times ect.
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