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The difference between the Northern construction formwork and the Southern construction formwork

         There are a lot of calls for construction fromwork,usually refers to wood plywood or wooden formwork, which is most commonly used for house building project.
Due to some difference of region and culture between the North and the South and specification difference among countries and regions, please allow to expound the
difference of construction formwork as an example of the North and the South.
        The common using mostly in the South is red construction formwork which is faced red glue wood formwork. Generally, there are two kinds of sizes of construction
formwork:1220*2440( large red board or large board) and 1830*915 (small red board or small board), and the most commonly used is small board especially 15mm.
The Southern construction formwork uses high-quality materials priority to with pine and eucalyptus wood which are the better material in the whole construction formwork
industry. Our factory manufactures “Zhongnan Shenjian’ brand construstion formwork which use high-quality pine and eucalyptus wood as raw materials and is formed
through advanced production process on the basis of scientific principle. Zhongnan Shenjian construction formwork use melamine glue and the whole core board,and have
the characteristics of turnover up to 8-12times for high-rise buildings, no wrap, no deformation, no cracking , high strength, and perfect waterproof performance and so on.
It still can reach the bong strength after stewing 120 minutes in boiling water ,and turnover is up to 10times or more(higher 2-3times than common wooden formwork).

         The common using mostly in the South is clear water construction formwork , that is film  faced plywood.The Northern material mainly  compose of poplar in that
 the  North  is rich in poplar, therefor poplar plywood have certain advantage in the North,but the material of poplar is loose and high water absorption, as a result, the 
quality of the Northern  template is less than the Southern construction formwork if use   the same glue,in other words, the turnover be far beyond the Southern .In the past
decades, there is a common hidden rules that the  Southern templates not run into the Northern market and the Northern templates also not run into the Southern market. 
With the improvement of material life, there is higher and higher requirement for templates.Zhongnan shenjian construction formwork are sold into many northern provinces
and gradually popularize through constantly improve the innovate in recent years.And we believe Zhongnan Shenjian will lead the Southern construction formwork and 
occupy a considerable market in the North.

Therefore, “Zhongnan Shenjian ” brand is well-known at home and abroad, and is the only one invited enterprise which specialized in manufacture of Bamboo Plywood, bamboo pallet and construction formwork.
  If you are interested in any kinds of Zhongnan Shenjian construction formwork or have other questions , welcome to call +86 7386872220 or send email to,and we will wholeheartedly service for you 24 hours.
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