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Which is the most waterproof performance of bamboo plywood or wooden formwork?

     Recently, there is a common problem for several customers that the most waterproof performance is bamboo plywood or wooden formwork. Most people only know bamboo is with high strength and good toughness but donot know whether bamboo plywood or wooden formwork is the most waterproof, please allow bamboo plywood factory---ZNSJ to tell you the truth.

                                                                                                          Waterproof bamboo plywood  

    Bamboo plywood and wooden formwork both are applicable to the construction of industrial and civil building cast-in-situ concrete frame ,shear wall and tube structure
 templates. The range of application of bamboo plywood is greatly more than the wooden formwork, which can be used in bridge construction, platform floor,subplate,
elevator flooring ,container flooring plywood, attic plate, show  plate and so on. In certain scope,water or rainy is cannot be avoid in that should choose good waterproof 
templates. Why the range of application of bamboo plywood is greatly more than the wooden formwork?? The reason is the strength ,stiffness,  hardness and other 
performance fo bamboo plywood is higher than wooden formwork, meanwhile modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture of bamboo plywood respectively  is 80-100Mpa
and (7-9)X103Mpa, while, wooden formwork is 35-50Mpa and (6-7)X103Mpa.Simultaneously, the Shrinkage, inflation rate,water absorption and other aspects is less than
 wooden formwork.Therefore,wooden formwork is not good waterproof as bamboo plywood. Bamboo plywood is moistureproof and can be deposited in the open air ,
will not deform in the process of concrete curing and not easy to leak slurry . It can identify whether is waterproof or not from the surface observation, and it will be a state 
of flow and cannot be immersed when pour some water on the bamboo plywood.

                                                                            Bamboo plywood with high strength and good toughness
  Please choose bamoo plywood  if is in need of good waterproof templates. ZNSJ can manufacture all kinds of of bamboo plywood with sepecail specifications
as for customers’ requests, and ZNSJ bamboo plywood use phenolic glue ,density of 910kg/m³,modulus of elasticity up to 11X103Mpa,modulus of rupture up to 105Mpa. 

If you are interested in Zhongnan Shenjian bamboo plywood  or have other questions , welcome to call +86 7386872220 or send email to, and we
 will  wholeheartedly service for you 24 hours.,

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