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Bamboo plywood is used as elevator subplate

There is not unsuccessful thing only if you work hard no matter what you do.Most of factories used thick bamboo curtains to manufacture bamboo plywood in 2005, in order to improve the using times ,  ZNSJ made a greater effort whatever cutting into slices ,soaking or hot pressure including the trial to the site. It didn’t manufacture all thin curtains bamboo plywood until 2006 and officially put into use. 
                                                                                              Bamboo plywood ready for hot pressing
A lot of factories cannot manufacture the special bamboo plywood according to customers’ special specification requirements in many cases, but  ZNSJ always have a courage to try, develop and meet customers’s demand in order to reach customers’ goal. In early August,Mr Han called to  ZNSJ about bamboo plywood through his friend.We knew that Mr Han supplied bamboo plywood for elevator companies through communication , and the thickness he wanted was 6mm. Mr han had looked for a long time in the market but also went to many factories , but everything is in vain.He found us casually and consulted whether we can manufacture 6mm of bamboo plywood. Then our sales manager told him we had rich experience and can supply samples so that he can test whether can meet their requirement. About August 10th, Mr Han called again and told us that they were very satisfied with the quality of our samples but there were a requirement the thickness of each board cannot be less than 6mm. Our sales manager ensured that the thickness can bu up to 6.5mm because we will manufacture this kind of bamboo plywood with all thin curtains at the same time put a more layer curtain uner high temperature and hot pressure to enhance the thickness.Mr Han ordered 200 sheets 1220*2440*6mm bamboo plywood for elevator subplate from us after comfirming the price, thickness and quality at last.
                                                                        Test the bending strength of 6mm bamboo plywood
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