17 2016-01

SINOHYDRO BUREAU 11 CO.,LTD. chose ZNSJ for bamboo plywood for bridge construction

  SINOHYDRO BUREAU 11 CO.,LTD is our long-term cooperation partner. Hunan zhongnan Shenjian bamboo veneer Co.,Ltd received a export order ---1000 pieces of top grade all thin curtains bamboo plywood for bridge construction in Nov.20th,2014,used in the KC45 highway project in Zambia ,located in between Kitwe and Chingola, and its route is about 45.5Km,which is an important part of truck road T2 in Zambia. And the main engineering is that new build a two-lane road in the south side of the existing road upgrading the existing two lanes into four lanes. Broaden, repair , level the existing road,and pave rode surface of asphalt concrete. 
  Mr Zhang responsible for procurement for this lot of bamboo plywood for bridge construction is very strict for flatness of plywood, our product quality should be completely consistent with samples offered, and asked us to delivery these goods to appointed port within 7days in order to catch up with smooth completion of their project’s annual plan. Considering of customer’s requirements,we adjusted our production plan and priority arrangement on the premise of quality assurance in order that our customer can accept and check these goods in advance finally.In early January 2015,Mr zhang told us that KC45 highway project already completed paving about 49km for road surface of asphalt concrete as of December 31,2014, and completed their annual construction plan goals 15days in advance .And their project is highly recognized by President of Zambia-Mr Guy Scott .At last, Mr.zhang thanked for our company’s actively cooperation with high quality products very much, and they will continue to purchase from us for their follow-up projects.
 If you are interested in Zhongnan Shenjian high strength bamboo plywood for bridge construction or have other questions , welcome to call +86 7386872220 or send email to,and we will wholeheartedly service for you 24 hours.
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