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 The price dialysis and development trend of bamboo pallet

      Currently,the domestic demand of bamboo pallet sharply rose mainly due to the domestic construction demand of Baking-Traditional wooden pallets are with short using life, while, the present brickyards more often need brick bamboo pallet with long using life then can catch up with the production schedules and reduce production
costs.In order to improve the status that need to change brick panels frequently, domestic pallet manufacturers have developed brick pallet with a variety of materials: bamboo pallet, PVC pallet, wood plastic pallet.

      Bamboo pallet: It is formed under hot temperature and high pressure by using South bamboo and formulated phenolic glue(waterproof glue) and have the 
characteristics of heat-resistant, high strength, and using life more than 4-6years, which is the most popular new environmental friendly pallets in current market .The 
Southern manufacturers have the advantage of abudant bamboo resources, low raw material costs and years of production experience, so the Southern bamboo
plywood is the most competitive.PVC pallet:It’s a kind of plastic board and formed by using PVC material injection molding. The biggest advantage is waterproof 
performance of PVC and can be recycled.Whereas, its strength is lower than bamboo pallet, seismic force is small, and consumption of raw materials is the highest.
Wood plastic pallet; it uses industrial waste plastics so the cost of raw material cost is low is low and added reinforced in the middle of board in order to enhance strength, 
then the price is the lowest relative to the above two pallets.But the disadvantage is no heat-resistant and deformation after using for a long time.

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